Creative Arts

Creativity, community, and connection

“Being creative, in whatever form, is the proof that we can leave an imprint on our surroundings, that we can make a mark on time. When we make something, we make something different.”

Laurie Anderson

Creative expression has the power to connect us. Our mission is to provide a safe space for those in recovery as they continue to build upon new healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

Fit To Recover Creative Arts groups provide members with opportunities for the exploration of creativity, self-expression, and community connection through music, dance, writing, spoken word, and art. No previous experience is needed!

No artistic background is needed to benefit from participation in the creative arts. In sessions or groups, we focus on the process, rather than the product.

Community group experiences within the creative arts have an element of structure as well as freedom. Group members will be given space to share at the beginning and end of the group. This is intentional. The check in and check out is very similar to the process most group members have experiences in other therapy groups or in mutual aid groups such as AA. The familiar part of checking in can act as an opportunity to settle the individual while also providing opportunities for them to voice concerns and needs. It is a vital part of the community group process.

Most group experiences are fluid and flexible and depend on the art form used as well as the group members needs for that session. Flexibility and adaptability are key to meeting everyone’s needs.

Creative Art Groups

Art at Fit To Recover

Thursday: 6:30-8:00

Art is a wonderful community experience at Fit To Recover. A project is often decided upon by the community and community members support one another in learning techniques, then individually creating unique pieces. When community artists are available, these artists provide teaching opportunities in specific mediums or techniques. While art is being created, community members listen to music and engage in conversations that offer them opportunities for social connections, and the practice of conversation and expression. Group members then share the theme or story of their art with one another.opportunities for social connections, and the practice of conversation and expression. Group members then share the theme or story of their art with one another.

Individual Music Lessons

Call to schedule a time with one of our creative arts team members.

Our creative arts team offers individual 30-minute lessons on keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, and song writing. There is a suggested donation of $15 per lesson. If you are unable to make that donation, you’re still welcome to sign up.

Music Therapy

Call to schedule a time with Dr. Ollerton.

Music therapy is the therapeutic use of music for addressing individual, group, and community goals and is provided by a master’s level, board-certified music therapist. In group or individual sessions, music is utilized through receptive, creative, compositional, and improvisational methods to best meet the client’s unique needs. In these groups a variety of goals can be addressed such as emotional regulation, safe self-expression, insight into self and others, positive community cohesion, enhanced creativity, problem solving, distress tolerance, delayed gratification, healthy use of leisure time, music for coping, and insight into one’s healthy and sometimes unhealthy relationship with music. Music therapy is a clinical service registered with DOPL in Utah.

Hip Hop – Dance

Coming Soon

Our hip hop class provides participants with an opportunity to connect or reconnect with themselves in a fun and safe setting while also provides a healthy discharge of energy. Our hip hop instructor takes the group through a warmup then provides basic choreography that is fun and interactive. No previous experience required.

Register for Classes

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