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All our fitness classes are open to all levels. The programs are designed to be safe yet effective no matter where you are at in your recovery and fitness journey.


Proper nutrition is the foundation of good physical health. It can be especially important during recovery to help keep your blood sugars stable, reduce your cravings, improve and stabilize your mood, and replenish any nutritional deficiencies that may have resulted from substance use. Eating together also helps cultivate our strong community—an essential piece in long-term recovery!


As one of Fit To Recover’s four foundational pillars, the goal of our Community Service program is to step outside ourselves and our issues and give back without expectations for anything in return. In recovery, dedicating time and effort to a greater cause without any personal gain allows us to shift our mentality away from the self-seeking thoughts and actions we once had.

Creative Arts

No artistic background is needed to benefit from participation in the creative arts. In sessions or groups, we focus on the process, rather than the product. Join us for dance, painting, music, and more.

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Community Support Groups

Meet with others like you and find support, belonging, and growth.

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