Annual Report

“…2022 felt like we finally graduated from the infant stage as a business and became a more mature and polished organization. Things started to click in the latter half of the year; we nailed down job descriptions and our people flourished in their expanded roles….”

“…Although there were challenges, there was also exponential growth. We threw events that brought our community together, we increased staff by 30 percent, and brought on 3 full time employees. We released our documentary “Dream Chasers”- a project aimed to show donors where their money is going, giving a personal look to the impact we’re having and thanking our supporters…”

“2020 started great until COVID hit us in March… Zoom did let us reach our people, but the connection wasn’t authentic. The biggest thing we learned from 2020 is that people in recovery need connection. On the flipside, they need safety; not just emotional safety but physical safety. Zoom was a great and necessary tool, but I was glad when the mandatory gym closing was lifted…”

“2019 was our biggest and greatest year yet… The capstone to 2019 was winning the statewide Utah Ethical Leadership Award. Ethical integrity leads the culture of our community center, and ultimately drives our mission. Our principles revolve around emotional safety, connection, and meeting people where they are in their recovery…”

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