Treatment Center Services

We offer several different services to treatment centers to assist them in helping individuals on their road to recovery. Contact us to learn more about available classes and offerings.

Cooking Classes

These classes typically begin with a brief educational discussion about how nutrition and cooking can positively impact recovery. We then begin the cooking portion, which focuses on basic cooking techniques (chopping, sautéing, baking, mixing). Clients are then split into groups to prepare meals. We aim to help people feel more comfortable in the kitchen and confident in their ability to prepare a healthy and delicious meal. At the end, clients gather to enjoy the meal they prepared together.

Nutrition Education Classes

During this one-hour class, we talk about all things nutrition! Topics include nutrition 101, nutrition during recovery, meal prepping and planning, intuitive and mindful eating, and more. Virtual events are also available. Interested in a particular topic? Please inquire!

Menu Reviews

A state-licensed registered dietitian is available to review your menus to ensure that they are compliant with guidelines for adult centers. Once the menus are reviewed and any needed changes are discussed, you will receive a signed letter of approval for your certification.

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is available from our registered dietitian who can address individual concerns regarding food or nutrition. Topics vary, but can include dealing with eating disorders and body image issues, understanding nutrition in early recovery, handling weight concerns, planning meals, addressing nutrient deficiencies, managing chronic diseases, and eating to support activity. Schedule and pricing to be discussed upon interest.

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