Giving back through service.

As one of Fit To Recover's four foundational pillars, the goal of our Community Service program is to step outside ourselves, our issues, and give back without expectations. In Recovery, dedicating time and effort to a greater cause, without any personal gain, allows us to change our mentality of the self-seeking thoughts and actions we once had.

How We Serve

Around The Gym

Service means reaching out to strangers, picking up after yourself, giving someone a ride, or simply cleaning the gym. Treating others the way you want to be treated, at all times.

Women's Group

Providing a safe place for women to discuss issues, receive feedback, and share experiences of strength and hope with other women. It is crucial to form bonds and friendships with other women in recovery.

Thursdays: 7-8pm @ Fit To Recover — contact us for more information on Women's Group!

In The Community

We're giving back through serving the homeless, clothing drives, Hike for Mental Health, Relay for Life, Safe Kids Fair, and dozens of other activities around our community.

Service opportunities are always happening, contact us for more information!