Our Staff

  • Ian Acker

    Ian Acker

    Founder & Executive Director

  • Amy Jefferson

    Amy Jefferson

    Fitness Instructor

  • Bailey Hicks

    Bailey Hicks

    Yoga Instructor

  • Benjamin Bilderback

    Benjamin Bilderback

    Creative Arts Volunteer

  • Casey Erickson

    Casey Erickson

    Fitness Instructor

  • Corinna Coffin

    Corinna Coffin

    Nutrition Pillar Lead and FTR Trainer

  • Jami Werner Wright

    Jami Werner Wright

    HIGH Fitness Instructor

  • Kate Losser

    Kate Losser

    Administrative Assistant

  • Lacey Garcia

    Lacey Garcia

    Women's Group Leader

  • Maara Ballesteros

    Maara Ballesteros

    Community Service Director and Fitness Instructor

  • Marina Davydova

    Marina Davydova

    Fitness Instructor

  • Matt Martin

    Matt Martin

    Consumer Advisory Board Chair and Facilitator

  • Tanner Frost

    Tanner Frost

    Outreach Director

  • Tony Ollerton

    Tony Ollerton

    Creative Arts Lead

  • Vachel Kraklow

    Vachel Kraklow

    Development Coordinator

  • Vickie Shaw

    Vickie Shaw

    Lead Fitness Instructor

  • Richie Wilson

    Richie Wilson

    Operations Manager

  • Felicia Ferry

    Felicia Ferry

    Food To Recover Intern

  • Zach Craigle

    Zach Craigle

    Food To Recover Intern

Our Board of Directors

  • Martha Macomber Board Chair
  • Jennifer Carlson Board Vice Chair
  • Doug McNeil Treasurer
  • Stephen Acker Board Member
  • Adam Cohen Board Member
  • Shannon Jones Board Member
  • Tyler Lamprecht Board Member
  • Patrick McGill Board Member
  • Clay Stephenson Board Member