Crossfit Low Oxygen

“Our experience during the FTR certification was truly life changing. We now have the skills and resources to help our mountain community just like FTR has done in Salt Lake City… FTR’s core values and culture have created an environment where people feel safe and accepted. We are grateful and excited about the knowledge we now have through this program.

Recovery In Motion

Recovery In Motion creates a safe space for people to connect and heal through community, fellowship and service, outside of the “rooms” of recovery, resulting in a better chance of sustaining the recovery process for longevity. They operate in San Antonio, Texas.

Move To Heal

Move to Heal’s main objective is to help establish balance in the lives of every person that uses the services they provide on a physical, mental and emotional level. They operate in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Become an

Since opening our doors, we have learned a lot, and believe we have a responsibility to share this with other organizations who also serve those in recovery from substance use disorder. That’s why we now offer the FTR Certification Program. Participants will be trained on how to properly and productively apply the FTR model.

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